SunlightCoin简介——SunlightCoin 人人都是矿工

SunlightCoin 人人都是矿工

SunlightChain is a public blockchain. Anyone can participate in the development of SunlightCoin. Simply download the SunlightCoin mining wallet and simply install it to experience the application of “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” technologies.

SunlightChain 是公有区块链,任何人均可参与 SunlightCoin 的发展,只需下载 SunlightCoin 挖矿钱包,进行简单的安装,即可体验“区块链”和“加密货币”技术的应用,在实践中学习。

How much is the STC value?

Gift currency activity: The mobile wallet is successfully installed, send screenshots and addresses, and immediately give 5000STC.

How much is the STC value? First, the wallet system developed by STC includes: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS. The development language includes .NET, C, HTML5, Object C, Python, and the related research and development costs are related to these, and the blockchain technology learning cost is not included. In addition, STC has been operating stably for 39 weeks to generate 3E STC related electricity and equipment costs.
At present, the nodes are all over China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other places.

Mobile wallet is also written on the public chain for every transfer based on the public chain, so it is possible to delay the transfer for a while.

sunlightcoin Windows version PC mining wallet (mine machine), download address and teaching video:

Can ordinary computers mine? Our characteristic is that ordinary computers can also mine, and notebooks can. Everyone is a miner.

The coin itself can be traded within the group. The current price is around 1000:1. In addition, STC can also trade in some physical stores. Currently, 50 million STC can be used for free coinage, and 30 million STC will be given. TimelineDB serial number will support 50 smart devices. management.

Mobile wallet CTO trading mode: In view of the current domestic laws, we adopt the CTO mode, the sunlightcoin can be traded with the transaction code, and the cash can only be traded online.

The total amount of sunlightcoin is 420E. It takes 100 years to finish. Some students ask why so much? Because we believe that humans will find ways to live forever by 2030, genetic engineering or the combination of consciousness and the Internet of Things, blockchain is the best carrier if consciousness can be digitized.

sunlightcoin related information download:

Optical Chain Technology was established in October 2017 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. In October 2017, SparkLabs, a well-known venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, invested in the first high-tech enterprise in China. The founder of the company, Wang Jinjian, the father of China’s sunlightcoin, has more than 10 years of database product design and development experience. The core team of the company masters the core technology of distributed storage and computing, and independently developed a new time series database. TimelineDB products have completely independent intellectual property rights and have broad market prospects.

sunlightcoin are seeking offline cooperation. If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools. We are all ready. Please contact us if you have any cooperation intentions.

SunLightChain Technology is in the process of a new round of financing, please contact us if you are interested.


STC 值多少钱,首先STC研发的钱包系统包含:Windows,Linux,MacOS,Android,IOS。开发语言包含.NET,C,HTML5,Object C,Python, 与这些相关的是对应的研发成本,还不包括区块链技术学习成本。再加上STC已经稳定运行39周共计产生3E枚STC相关电费及设备费用。






闪来币的总量是 420E 需要100年才能挖完。有同学问为什么这么多?因为我们相信人类在2030年之前会找到永生的方法,基因工程或是意识与物联网的结合,如果意识可以数字化,区块链就是最好的载体。


光链科技成立于2017年10月,注册资金为500万元。 2017年10月由美国硅谷知名风险投资基金 SparkLabs 在中国投资的第一家高新技术型企业。公司创始人王金剑,中国闪来币之父,拥有十多年数据库产品设计研发经验。公司核心团队掌握分布式存储与计算核心技术,独立研发的新型时序数据库 TimelineDB 产品拥有完全自主知识产权,具有广阔的市场前景。



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