TR-069 is standard from DSLForum to remotely manage networking devices. OMA-DM is standard from "Open Mobile Alliance' to manage smart phones remotely. Though the target market segment is different, I don't see any major difference between both of them as far as their functionality is concerned. I believe that both the standards are suitable for both kinds of market segments.


  • Remote configuration and monitoring of devices
    • TR-069 is meant for managing networking devices.
    • OMA-DM is meant for managing Mobile devices.
  • Firmware upgrade.
  • HTTP based access - OMA-DM support other transports too.
  • SSL for security.
  • Both use XML for exchanging messages.
  • Both support configuration parameters in hierarchical fashion (Tree form).
  • Both expect devices to make connection to the central configuration server.
  • Both support mutual authentication.
  • Both have mechanism for central configuration server to notify devices of different events.
    • OMA-DM uses WAP-Push and SMS.
    • TR-069 connects to device embedded HTTP Server.

I don't see many differences though. I will post new entry once I find more information.

Both of these standards have become very popular in their market segments and IMO both will be surviving for a long time.

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