Blockchain Product Traceability Solution - Based on SunlightDB Database

Hi...I’m RUI NI from China, co-founder of SunlightChain and I am pleased and honored to be  here to present our product - the SunlightDB blockchain database. SunlightDB is not just a database, but also a decentralized trust authority.

There is an old Chinese saying: A long road tests a horse's strength and a long task proves a man's heart. This leads me to the following point: nothing is harder than building trust and the cost of building trust is extremely high especially in the world of business. It is more difficult to build trust among enterprises than among people.     

Let me tell you a quick personally experienced story without getting too technical . A few years ago we were working together with a couple of interesting business partners. One was an automobile manufacturer, the other is an hub supplier. The automobile manufacturer had found a lot of hubs with deficiencies. However, since the time had been too long, and there were many hub suppliers, they could not find which hub suppliers should be held accountable for the deficiencies. As a result, they want to make all hubs traceable in order to optimize their productivity. So the automobile manufacturer found the hub supplier, and wanted him to open up his database. The hub supplier was very anxious and said, “how can I do this? Opening up my database is like me running naked in front of you and the company's commercial secrets are all revealed .”

This is indeed the problem of the traditional "pull-model" data sharing commonly use by traditional databases. Owing to the lack of trust, it requires a lot of identity authentication work and consumes enterprises’ manpower and financial resources. And it highly likely will bring all kinds of problems to enterprises’ databases, such as data being stolen, tampered, even the paralysis of the database!

In fact, data sharing among enterprises is not an issue, the key issue is trust among enterprises.

The SunlightDB blockchain database using "detrust" concept which departs from the current trust model that delegates ownership and access control of the data to a centralized trusted authority, Instead which empowers the users with data ownership , perfectly solves the trust issue among enterprises. Take deposit and withdraw transactions as an example. When you withdraw money from bank counter, you need to carry out complex authentication procedures. However, when you deposit money, you do not need to verify the identity. Detrust is the most essential difference between the "pull-model" data sharing and the "push-model" data sharing, and also is the core idea the SunlightDB database strive to establish for the realization of detrust.

Traditional data sharing requires building trust at the first place. On the contrary, block chain database has the characteristics of detrust and transparency, which means we can get rid off all lengthy and costly trust-building process. The speed of sharing data goes up, and the development cost descends down and among with other advantages. So the production efficiency is greatly improved.           

Technically speaking, the “pull mode” and “push-mode” data sharing are quite different; in essence, from the business level, “push mode” data sharing is the sublimation of the way how people think and how databases work.

Traditional database way of doing thing is you get what you need from databases; on the other hand, block chain database way of doing things is databases take an initiative to give what others needs.

With the advent of the big data age, the demand for data sharing among enterprises become more and more. Since 2008, the database market has been growing exponentially. With incomplete statistics, only China's domestic database market has exceeded hundreds of billions of RMB. With the advent of the big data age, the market order of the future database will become increasingly large, and user demands are increasingly diversified. The sunlightDB database can be applied flexibly according to the market environment and various usage scenarios . We believe the SunlightDB block chain database will be the direction of future database development.               

OK, it is time to wrap it up. Thank you for listening.         

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